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Postworkout shake

Alright i need some suggestions for improving what was the most disgusting, vile tasting substance i ever forced down my throat. I made a shake with the proper ingredients and ratio’s according to Berardi. What do i use for taste though??? It tastes horrible. Beyond horrible. Also any idea’s on where i can get a scale to more accurately measure out the powders??

Um, wait on Biotest to make it? That’s what I’m doing.

Unfortunetly i am not a patient man

I posted this before on a similar thread, but this is what I do. I add a little sugar-free kool-aid mix (the kind you have to add your own sugar to make kool-aid). This way you don’t screw up the carb-protein ratio. I like to use more dextrose than maltodextrin to make it sweeter. The concoction is not tasty, but it is somewhat bearable. I only drink it after workouts, so it’s only three times a week. I can live with that.

Yes, it’s not the best tasting or ideal concoction that you’d prefer to treat yourself to after a grueling workout, but I feel that the benefits it reaps are/will be awesome. As far as taste, Hyok pretty much mentions what I do. I generally use 60:40 ratio of dextrose:maltodextrin and add some Kool-Aid powder (the more the merrier). Call me crazy, but I have developed a keen taste for it and it really doesn’t bother me. In all actuality it is now my preworkout nutrition as well. As far as scales, I’m sure GNC has some, but any one-stop superstore (K-mart, Walmart, Meijer) type outfit should carry them.

I use lemon juice and a little extra dextrose (approx 5g. extra).

Some of the sweeteners I’ve tried that didn’t seem to interfere with the absorption are acesulfame-K, and stevia. Also, cinnamon seems to be an excellent masker of the taste. You might want to try sucralose(splenda) , even though its a sugar derivative it has no calories or carbs. And try to find a candy store near you, they often sell different flavorings. Mint flavoring seems to work well also. And finaly theres also nutrasweet. Just test them out to see if there is a decrease in the effect with any of the sweeteners, or any other odd effects. Most of the above mentioned sweeteners can be found at the supermarket. The bannana flavoring that protein factory added along with a mix of stevia, and acesulfame-k sweeteners, and some cinnamon is extreemely good. I actualy crave it like Tim Patterson had mentioned. HYOK, I have to agree that the affect this drink has had on my gains and recovery is enough to down this stuff even if there was nothing to sweeten it up.

Thanx guys