Postworkout Nutrition

A quick question from a newbie. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the general guideline on postworkout nutrition - 0.8g carb/kg bodyweight + 0.4g protein/kg bodyweight, etc.

My questions to everyone is, would you take the same formula after a cardio only workout? It seems counter-intuitive to me to take the same formula after a 15 minute HIIT session as you would after a 45 minute weight session.

If this was discussed somewhere else, my apologies, but I couldn’t find anything definitive on this. Thank you all in advance for your insights.

Yeah this has been discussed before so check the archives if you’ve got time. It depends on the duration and intensity of the cardio session and also your goals. For a 15min session during bulkink I think that sweet potatoes and chicken etc… would be fine. For cutting I think oats+protein would be a good choice. If you did a half hour session though a serving of surge could be a good idea. If i remeber correctly from last time though every post gave different advice so…

John M.Berardi think that a simple after cardio post workout shake you should take the same combinaison but have another meal 2-3 hours after instead of after 1- 1-1/2 hour after the shake. That meal will be better suited for oatmeal and whey combinaison