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Postworkout nutrition questions

I read John’s “Postworkout Puzzle solved” but I have question regarding my own postworkout nutrition…see,I work out at 5:00 am and after that,I need some postworkout nutrition.
I mix Gatorade and a bit of whey protein.Anyway,I go take a shower etc and eat breakfast 30-45 min after I take that Gatorade stuff…is that bad? Pls recommend changes if u think it’s not helping protein synthesis and stopping catabolism…I realize the immense importance of postworkout nutrition and want the best advice on how much carb and protein intake should be etc… f***king up is not a good choice.Thanks!

I’m not sure bro, but you may need a few more carbs than the gatorade provides right after the workout. But, you might be alright if youre eating a lot of high GI carbs and protein at breakfast. PJ

What the f***?? I said John’s!!! SHIT!
I mean Chris Shugart’s…not John BErardi’s…sorry Chris!!!

Actually, if you’re talking about the “Solving the Post-workout Puzzle” articles, those were written by John Berardi. The moderator probably corrected your original post.

Until BIOTEST’s post workout drink is avail. in Canada on the shelves, I have to make my own mix like you (sorry guys but shipping 4 pounds + currency exchange= BIG $$)

Currently I use the following: 1. A whey based weight gain 2:1 carb to protein (50g/100g respectively- I'm 205 lbs)mixed w/ lots of water 2. 6 BCAA caps= 2.5 g Leucine 3. 5 TRIBEX caps 4. 200 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid (insulin aid) 5. 500 mcg Chromium picolinate (insulin sensetivity aid) 6. 1 PROSTATONIN cap in the face of TRIBEX elevating text . .family history of BPH 7. 1 ZMA cap (TRIBEX aid + insulin sensetivity aid)

Everything but the kitchen sink but I bounce back quickly- and I do a very hard 45 minutes of GVT/ Dave Draper perpetual motion supersetting . . .have noticed about an inch on the arms after a month and overall strength gains way up ! good luck

I’m finding that as my workouts become more intense and effective, I need more carbs to feel recovered. Currently, I’m using 1/4 gram of protein and 3/4 gram simple carbs per pound of body weight. I’m 39, have a lot of fast-twitch fibers, and my bodyweight is 205. My postworkout nutrition is 50g protein, 150g carbs. When I use Surge, I use 4 scoops (50g protein, 100g carbs) followed by 8 oz grape juice to bring the carbs up. Works wonders!

PS: My workouts usually last a full hour, not including warmup and stretch session. I’m sure the amount of carbs required is directly proportional with the duration.

The article gives the ratio 2:1 carbs to protein and bodyweight requirements. It should be hydrolysed protein and maltodextrin. You also need some phenyalanine and leucine to jack up the insulin. Read it again…and yes your current post workout nutrition is less than optimum.