Postworkout Help

Normally after my weights I chug a protein shake, but I’m a bittle unsure about the carb source. I always have the appetite of a starved child after finishing, so I’d rather have some food/drink as opposed to some powder in my shake, so I was wondering about sports drinks like powerade as a post-workout source of fast carbs? The ingredients seem to be things like dextrose, glucose, maltodextrin…

if you feel like a holocaust victim after your shake then eat some solid food following your shake! as for powerade goes i think powdered gatorade is your best best as it contains dextrose instead of the high fructose corn syrup in the bottled variety

Those drinks are crap!

  1. Have some Surge Recovery
  2. Have a low fat high protein high carb meal.

This could include potatoes and such, obviously depending on your goals.


a fast digesting carb + protein pwo is great. Have that as soon as you finish your workout and before you leave the gym.

Drive home.

Eat some steak and rice/potatoes. (or vary your protein/carb source) Toss in some veggies and healthy fats according to your taste/caloric goals.

every 2-3 hours repeat that meal until you go to sleep at night… lol :wink: