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postwhore war

So who’s winning?

Hmmm, I’m not sure if I should list the Postwhore (now officially a single, proper name) info. Might cause excessive whoring, which could lead to disease, pestilence, and HBO specials like “Postwhores at the Point”.

I just did a quick check.

As of this post, Hold Me, formerly known as JaredNFS is now in the lead. Patricia is still second, Goldberg is third, NoSoupForYou, formerly known by so many names I’ve lost track, is in fourth place and Ike is fifth.

God, I need to get a life if I have time to do this. At least I’m not a pathetic postwhore.


Sorry Chris, it looks like I let the cat out of the bag.


No Soup: Maybe if you stopped wasting so much time changing your name, you’d have more time to post.


Naw man, gotta keep things fresh. Variety is the spice of life.

I think it’s clear that J-Dub’s woman has stopped having sex with him.

I don’t know about that, No Soup. If you were keeping things fresh (referring to the fun and games, not your hygiene) your woman would still be putting out for you.

I see a certain someone has changed his name again.

That’s good work, keeping us off balance like that.

I wonder what you’ll be calling yourself tomorrow.

I’m sticking with this. I was just messin around for awhile.

I’m also getting very sick of people calling me Jared. It’s really starting to piss me off. Thunder does it just to annoy me, so I give him shit right back. Jared also fucks with me. Other than that, it’s blatently obvious that my name is Justin, at least now anyways.

And no, I’m not getting any ass because my fiancee is 6 hours away. My dick isn’t that big.

All righty then, Justin it is. I was just teasing you in my last post.

I’m sorry to hear your fiance is so far away. At least I helped you get it up. Hey, I’m referring to your post count.


Please shut up. Really, Jared, this is getting old:)

Hold on…let me go get my violin so that I can play you a sad song…:o)

Shut up and go workout you whore…;o)

You’re name is Justin? Ah, now it’s all starting to make sense.

Yes it is Thunderlicious. It always has been, and always will be.

But you may address me as Mr. Justin, or just plain God, if you will.

Wait, so Jared is now Hold Me, JWright is Justin Wright, and who is NoSoupForYou?

I go away for a few days and I’m out of the loop. Maybe I should change my name to He Hate Me.

Scrub: That was classic.

I miss the XFL.

Scrub a dub,

NoSoupForYou was me. I was just playing around. I was also Smooth Criminal for awhile.

I wonder why the rest of the Postwhores haven’t shown up on this thread yet.