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I need to know if there is a effective way of having a good body posture. I am 5’6 but my body posture is more close to an ape man. Are there any real good exercises to get rid of my hunchback posture. Please help.

This can happen because of working the chest much more than the back or always training the chest first. Or from not doing rows. Start doing barbell rows now! There are other causes, of course, but this is one the most popular ones.

I’d have to throw in deadlifts as another exercise that could really help your posture. I’ve only included this exercise in the last year, and I’ve strengthed every muscle in the entire posterior chain more than my workouts of hamstring curls, hyperextensions, rows, or shrugs ever could in seven years.

A trip to someone who knows Active Release Technique would benefit you. The one I use is also a chiropractor, and she has improved my posture significantly since we began working on an injury I had. If you want something to start you off, do this: standing straight up, shrug your shoulders and then completely relax them. This will help keep your traps out of the equation because you want your rhomboids to do the work in this movement. Next, retract your shoulders, using the muscles in the middle of your back. Focus so that you don’t use your real delts, traps, or lats. This requires some mind-muscle connection as the movement is subtly. By using this and other movements, you can sort of re-educate the muscles responsible for keeping an upright posture…it’s kind of a neurological adaptation. Conversely, you could also find the nearest bell-tower and see if they’re recruiting hunch-backs.

If you work at a desk all day typing you may be screwed. However if you stretch every 15 minutes it will help with that try pavel stretching. You may just have tight pecs and anterior delts.

I saw another way of getting a bad posture. I saw a guy doing cable rows with a allmost 90 degree bent in his back from the pelvis to the base of the neck.

Jerry - Don’t forget that the problem may stem from an imbalance around the pelvic girldle, that could be causing an inapropriate pelvis position. If this is happening, abnormal spinal curves are usually the result. Think about it, if the hips are forward of the shoulders creating an excessive lordosis in the lumbar spine, what do the head and thoracic spine have to do to keep you standing upright and not falling over backwards? -Protract forward.
Remember always find the cause of the situation, and then fix the symptom. Hope this helps.

go see a chiropractor bro. they will help you with posture posture is what real chiros preach to insure you dont come back every day sit at your desk or whatnot with a nice static arch chin up and all kinda like your squatting unless you use the highschool crane technique as dave tate calls it. hope this helps

definately go see a chiropractor. if you’ve never been to one look for two things, they should want to take x-rays and they should give you exercises to help correct the problem.