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What is good posture? When I sit down I never sit completely rigid against the back of my chair–should I? Should I walk around like a tin man? My family members tell me I slouch a bit–so I’m wondering if this is a problem, and if so; how should I correct it?


i have the same problem, I think its from me sitting at the computer so much. I just try to stand up straight whenever possible.dont walk like a tinman but keep your back straight and stick your chest out a little bit. If anyone else has any advice that’d be great

Have you read the Neanderthal No More articles?

They should get you started evaluating your posture and help you if you want to fix it.


Well, if your body is pulling forward there could be a number of things that are wrong. First, I would statically stretch (hold for 20-30 seconds) your hip flexors 3 times a day. I cannot tell you how many people I know who have tight hip flexors. In fact, it would be easier if I named the people who DON"T have tight hip flexors.

Secondly, you could just have rolled forward shoulders. I would suggest statically stretching your lats, delts, and and pecs twice a day to balance out any possible upperbody distortion.

Third and finally, I have noticed that people who have bad posture have weak abs, lower backs, and just a weak overall core. You could type in each of those body parts into the search engine here and come up with a zillion exercises for each.

I earned my CPT through NASM and I’m sure any of you who have been thru the course or who are familiar with it are well aware of the emphasis put on posture and perfecting your body alignment. I agree wholeheartedly that correcting your posture ASAP is THE most important thing you can do. You are only preventing an inevitable injury.T-M@tt

Push upward with the back of your head. Presto, good posture. Works for the Marines.


Is it possible to have bad posture due to having weaker chest muscles than back muscles?

Such a posture problem probably won’t become problematic until working up to a max chin is as popular as benching, but just of curiosity: Is this possible?

My lats and other pulling muscles are much, much stronger than my pressing muscles, but I haven’t noticed any problems. Of course, my abs and low back aren’t deficient, so maybe that just alleviates it… I guess to get make pulling muscles as disproportionately strong as some people make their pulling muscles, you would have to do a lot of bench pulls or a rowing exercise that doesn’t engage the core.

Thoughts, anyone?

Ross Hunt