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I think my upper back/neck area could use some posure imrovement. Although squatting etc has corrected this somewhat, I’m curious what methods there are to combat this.

I’ve tried seated cable rows to the neck, etc. I was thinking something more along the lines of stretches, however. Ideas are appreciated.


Wide grip supinated seated cable rows, Hammer Strength high rows, and Paramount ART Upper Back Rows will all help you.

Here's another bit of advice. Whenever you are near a mirror, car window, etc., check out your posture. If your chest isn't sticking out in front of your shoulders, then fix it. Good luck.

I second Dick’s advice. Spot on. Those moves will build muscles in the back that will pull your shoulders back and make your chest stick out. A very nice side effect of this that I have found out is that it makes you look bigger from the side as well.

I would add most variations of the deadlift also. Pay attention to squeezing your shoulder blades together throughout the entire movement.

Thanks a lot, guys. Very Informative. Yet I’m still looking for something in terms of stretches. Does such a ‘stretch’ exist?

No exercise will improve your posture. Think about it. You’re in the gym for 1 hour out of the 24 hours in a day. It’s called corrective stretching and mental awareness of your posture. That works wonders.

If you are referring to a forward head posture and rounded shoulders focus on various pulling movements (horizontal plane) such as face pulls, cable rows to high chest position, rear delt raises, etc. If you have access to a neck machine or a neck harness you should also add some neck extensions. You may also want to reduce the volume on you horizontal pushing movements until the imbalance is corrected. With regards to stretching, focus on the chest, anterior delts, neck flexors, and lats. Check out Ian King’s article ‘Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching’ for descriptions on these stretches. You may also want to read Don Alessi’s ‘The Weakest Link’ in issue 215 for additional insight on postural faults withing the neck/upper back.

I was finding my weight for the deadlift for my upcoming meltdown training and I feel some of that “good” soreness to the right, left, and base of my neck.