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Posture Problems--Neck


I saw the other posture thread, and rather than hijacking it, I started my own.

My problem is the "protruding neck" syndrome. My head sticks forward. I have had chronic neck problems all of my life.

Any ideas on exercise or a professional that can help me correct the problems and pain? I have seen chiropractors who have provided relief when the pain is real bad but not much L/T help.


I read your profile and noticed that you are a tall dude. Me too, and my neck used to stick way out too. I noticed that after gaining a significant amount of mass (especially upper back/trap area) that it has pretty much corrected itself. I see that you weigh the same as me so you've more than likely gained some mass in your time also. Did this not help the condition?

BTW, whats a "sports handicapper"


Chin tucks and stretches for the levator scapulae and upper traps are a good start; you can find descriptions and photos in "Neanderthal No More: Part IV."

The forward head posture can also just be a compensation for problems further down the kinetic chain, so you probably need to look at this from a broader perspective.


I definately agree - tight internal rotators are often the culprit for me. Not slacking on the stretching fixes it right up.

Since you're a taller guy, it could be the level of the tables/computer desk you sit at for significant periods. See if elevating your monitor doesn't help a bit, too.



Check out www.idealspine.com
On the web site under resourses is find a doc.
They can change your neck better long term.
Dr Tim


Only guessing as have never seen you but as mentioned before the problem is probably down the kenetic chain.

I would have your pelvic alignment looked at to measure the amount of lordosis you have in your lumbar spine, generally people develop thoracic kyphosis (cave man style posture) as a response to too much curve in the lower back (lordosis/pelvis tilited foreward). To correct you will have to apply appropriate stretching and strengthning exercises. Good alignment of the upper back is essential to good alignment of the head and neck; faulty alignment of the upper back adversly affects the head and neck position. If upper back slumps the the head and neck will compensate as the 'eyes seek eye level' - otherwise you would walk around looking at the ground!

stretch - neck extensors/hip flexors/low back
strengthen - neck flexors/upper back (low mid trap) external Oblique possibly hammies.


Thanks everyone for your help. I will try some of the suggestions.


As your experiencing pain I urge you to go see a Physio for diagnosis and treatment, alternatively go and find a Chek Practitioner in your area : http://www.chekinstitute.com/prac.cfm