Posture Problems (Back Pain)

Does this looks like a anterior pelvic tilt and hunchback? I have seen physiotherapists and chiropractors but none of them helped me in resolving my issues with back. I was doing pilates and overall core strengthening, massages but nothing really helped. I enjoy working out but my lower back pain always is an issue which stops me from going to gym . I can workout for like 6 months but then again i have to stop because of the pain. I have lost around 15 kg and lost my shape completely which is really annoying.

So i was doing some googleing and came across Mike Robertson’s articles Heal the hunchback ( Heal that Hunchback! ) and article Hips don’t lie ( Hips Don't Lie ) and was thinking to do some of the corrective exercises but i am not really sure and i’m afraid to hurt myself more. Maybe you could give some advice.

Excuse my bad English

completely relaxed

absolutely do all the corrective exercises in those articles.

Strengthening your glutes, core and upper back is going to be your #1 priority from now on.

There’s a good program called “Neanderthal No More” on this site you can try.

Stop doing exercises that hurt.

the good news is your posture isn’t actually all that bad, assuming you don’t ever stand like you are doing in the 2nd picture. If you do, then stop it.

Thanks for the reply I will definitely check it out.Cheers