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Posture Problem


So I'm pretty sure I have a postural problem. As you can notice in this picture, it seems when viewing from the side that my chest juts way out for some reason. The problem is, I can't seem to put my finger on exactly why, let alone how to go about fixing it. Any ideas?


Just for reference, this is what I look like from the front. Seems pretty normal to me, or at least a lot better than from the side.


First set of pictures looks to be a big of lordosis, causing postural changes up the chain to the thoracic and cervical region. Without being able to do a full on assessment, it is difficult to give specific advice. But I'd start with some hip flexor stretches, glute activation exercises, and lumbar stability exercises and see where that takes you.


Ok, thanks. I'll look those up.


This might be worth a read...