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Posture, Mindset, What You Do Outside Gym


CT and others curious your thoughts here.

I've noticed that body language (straight back, chest out, even practicing flexing muscles) and mindset (feeling empowered, confident, low stress no worries) throughout the day have significant impact on your gym performance and even how you look.

Stuff like circadian ryhtym and best of time day for certain macronutrients are now backed by research to possibly effect physiology (hormones) so my observation probably falls in this camp of non-gym yet important lifestyle factors to consider.

There was this study done on people instructed to hold power poses (wide, take up space) vs. submissive/shrinked posture and testosterone/cortisol levels were remarkably impacted.

For me personally the first 10 minutes of a workout, in terms of mindset (aggression, confdience) and what I do to "activate" often determines how good my performance is for the whole workout.

And I've monitored my body closely and notice that practicing physique poses or flexing in between sets give me a much greater pump and look. Obviously no one's gaining pounds of muscle from air flexing but this stuff has some real impact.

I even remember CT mentioning that your mood/mindset when eating can impact fat storage (i.e. stressed out you're eating junk food and your body jacks up cortisol and impacts your body composition negatively)

So wondering CT's best practices/tips for posture/mentality during the day, and especially pre-workout...or if you've even given thought to this at all.