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Posture Issues


I've noticed as I get older my posture starts to get worse. (It doesn't help when I have to sit in a chair during the day, either.) Looking from the side, it almost looks like my lower back bends in a little bit (causing my lower mid-section to naturally--or unnaturally--jut out a little). I've been doing some ab-strengthening exercises (picked 'em up here) like the bug series, and that seems to help a bit with lifting issues (rows, etc.). And I try to be conscious of my posture as well. Still, might be easier if I had specific things I could do to work on it.

Anyone have any tips, exercises, or other for posture that might help me or others with similar issues?



I know it may not be a popular stand but I think the best thing you can do for your posture is Yoga. I think it has been one of the friendliest things I have done for my body in the last 10 years.


Have you been working your Psoas muscles? If you don't know what the muscle is, get an anatomy book and look it up.

Lie on your back, press the small of your back into the floor by rotating your hips. When you've made progress, then add a leg left while you hold. Later, do both legs at once. I believe Mike Robertson teaches this one.


There's a bunch of stuff on this website about posture.

The "out of kilter" series by Ian King and the "Neanderthal no more series" by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson.