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Posture is Wrong, What to Do?

I have a BIG problem, my horrible posture and it is stopping me from achieving my goals and I must conquer it and I need your help. I have been battling this problem for months now I have been reading, training and then quitting out of doubt in what I am doing, I would feel the need to read more and learn more about my problem and then come back and try to fix it, this is a continuous cycle that has been going on for months but in every experience I have I learn more.

To cut the story short and get to the point look at the pictures in this thread I have made a while back (lots of different views of my posture)

As you can see it is darn horrible and I want to know EXACTLY what I need to do to fix this problem. I have been doing all kinds of stretches, mobility exercises and PVC Pipe Rolling and I have also used the tennis ball method for the hip flexors along with strengthening weak muscles.

It all seems to work to a certain extent but I feel its just not enough and I need advice from some experienced members who may be able to help me with this, thanks in advance.

You had plenty of advice in the other thread you created… why did you create a new user name?

Practice good posture. It’ll get better. Posture is not something you are, it is something you do.

Reed the thing is I just forgot my password because I have not been on here for a very long time and I am not sure what stretches I should be doing and what I should be stretching, I’ve also been told static stretches are worthless and I use a PVC pipe instead of a foam roller and it actually seems worthless to me and the only use it has for me is for rolling the calves.

I don’t know a good IT Band stretch (yes I know it’s not a muscle) I’ve been told that rolling my IT Band is useless and I don’t even know if stretching my chest is useful at all and like I said before a lot of people have told me static stretches are worthless and this instills doubt into my mind and I think what I am doing is not going to work, again I have been told that I should get bands and use them for stretches because stretches by themselves are useless.

I’m lost I just don’t know what to do I need a solid confirmation from someone on if I should do static stretches, a good IT Band stretch (I ask for IT Band because apparently there are only a few good ones)

The last and biggest problem I have is I have been told to do planks, side planks/front planks and I don’t know how to do them properly I can’t breathe while keeping my abs contracted and I can’t contract my abs while breathing and there is a lot of tension in my gut and it feels uncomfortable doing the exercise.

Can I really fix my mess of a posture with static stretches, a thin pullup bar and 40kgs of dumbells?

Edit: @ Silyak I do walk with good posture engaging the glutes, landing on the back of my feet although the problem is people tell me I have to have my core ‘engaged’ and shoulders packed back and down when I walk it feels completely abnormal and uncomfortable and If I do it for long enough my arms go numb it just seems very un-natural.

Who told you that rolling your IT band is useless? For me, it’s the single most important thing I do to keep my lower back happy.

Anyways, can you define what you think good posture is? I think the real problem here is that you don’t have a measurable (or even perhaps definable) goal.

Probably a bunch of idiots it just instills doubt into my mind when I hear that it is useless, would you know any good stretches for the IT Band? when I do IT Band stretches I can only feel it near the upper part of my leg and I am not sure whether it is my glute being stretched or not.

I can’t give you a definition of what good posture is because everyone has problems with it there is really no perfect posture. My goal is to fix my weirdly aligned legs because they simply just look odd and girly, along with fixing my excessive pelvic tilt and winged scapula and actually looking like I have a chest by fixing the internally rotated shoulders.

I think you are right though because I don’t seem to have a real goal besides the above, I quickly start on this all of the time with a load of work and then I quickly give up that may be a part of the problem I don’t think I actually have a definable goal.

Corrective suggestions might get answers in rehab forum.
Get rid of doubts by fallowing a proven way for milleniums, yoga.
Part of the problem is your head, less mirors is a plus.