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Posture Improvement - How to Offset Night Time Living Room Push-Up Workout...

The Twitter (Short) Explanation: I do push-ups at night during the commercials while watching my favorite sporting event. Are there any exercises that are recommended to offset this exercise… WITHOUT getting out a plethora of weights, bars, benches, etc. What is the official, convenient, anytime/anyplace, antagonist to a standard push-up?

The Typewriter (Long) Explanation (READ: “a long-winded disclaimer to proactively dispel any responses that explain why I should quit doing them, encouragement to go to the gym because I already do this, or some ribbing about push-ups being inferior.”): By the end of watching a game, I might have dropped to do a few sets of 50+ and racked up 400 or more push ups (sometimes way more, sometimes just 2-3 sets of 75 or so or to failure). Nothing earth shattering by any means, as I’m just trying to not be completely lazy while I unwind at the end of a long day. However, I assume that’s [relatively] a lot of pushes with nothing to compensate for it, especially considering I “ride the rail” as a desk jockey hunched over a computer most of the day. The last thing I am intending to do is make my posture worse. However, short of gearing up and completing a dialed in, all out workout, I still feel I get the best quick results from push-ups. I can also drop down and do a quick set of 50 of these in no time, in any place, and with instant autoregulation… “oh, I think I can hit 75 right now before I burn out.”).

Probably the best advice for exercise I have EVER received came from Jim Wendler on this very website a few years back. It is IRONically simple considering how exceptionally detailed and outstanding our study of getting huge has become. Jim said so profoundly, as only he could: “IF IT’S AWESOME, DO IT!” There are a few exercises and workouts I do that I don’t know every last ounce of physiology about, BUT I know I get results from them. In addition, each of those exercises has a pretty equivalent amount of effort and demand required of them… “novel concept” here: The harder they are, the better the results! I mention all this to say, I think push-ups are one of those “awesome exercises” (again, relatively speaking as I realize I can go do 5-3-1 or some other low rep, high weight gym work!), and I do not want to quit doing them. However, I would rather have the posture of a capital “I” than a lower case “r” !

If I drop down and do 50 push-ups, what is my next exercise to stay balanced?

Thanks for any advice T-Nation brothers!


TRX rows, a TRX is cheap and easy to set up

Edit: I guess you could get a resistance band and just do pull aparts. Better than nothing


3 acceptable answers. Thanks fellas! -T