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Posture Help

Hi, i dont know if i should be posting here but i was hoping you guys could give me some help.
I have as the subject title suggests, a poor posture. Ive read countless articles from T-Nation and other sites. But unfortunately im just not capable of understanding what is being written. Ive tried, but come to the conclusion that before i splash out and pay someone to give me advice, id ask here first.
Some simple exercises that im currently doing (and has helped my posture alot) is pulling the back of my neck to the “ceiling”. i also tense my lower back area to make it straight and try and hold it as long as possible.
Other exercises i do include trying to lower my shoulders as much as possible and then pull them back.
Ive read some routines on this site that i should follow but am never sure if they apply to me or what aspect i should take into consideration.
Here are some pics of me, http://www.zen68911.zen.co.uk/ im hoping some of you guys could give me suggestions as to which exercises i should be avoiding and which ones i should be including.
I am considering doing deadlifts / squats next week, would this be a good / bad idea?

What is your daily routine? No hour to hour and a half 3-5 days a week training is going to help if the other time is spent undoing what you are trying to accomplish in the gym. Have you always had bad posture? So many questions…

This isn’t necessarily an exercise, but if you’re just talking about general posture, this is what helps me.

Imagine that there is a string attached to the top of your head and pulling you up. Stand as straight as you can normally (e.g., without going up on your toes or anything silly) as though the string has pulled you to your tallest position and the top of your head is the highest that it can be. This may sound weird, but it actually works for me. I tend to slouch forward, and when I do this it straightens my spine, brings my chest up, pulls my shoulders back, etc. You can overdo it and look odd, but I’ve found that it’s an easy way to check on and improve my posture.

Neanderthal No More
The complete guide to fixing your caveman posture!
by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson

I linked to all 5 parts.


K i do a 4 day split
Back and bi’s

Supps = Cod liver oil / multi vit / opti whey protein / BSN cell mass / NO-xplode / Glutamine
i have aprox 6/8 meals.
Morning, protein shake with oats + banana
For lunch i usually have eggs with a protein shake after. Then id have either a high protein meal consisting of lots of veg + potatoes + meat.
protein shake after that with oats + banana/mango/orange
Tuna/sardines after that
Then i’l have left over meat from my main meal
Then protein shake.

My habbits, and imo obvious cause for the bad posture is i do a lot of VDU work (8 hours a day atleast) although im trying hrder to main a good seating posture and now want to try and revert some of the damage done