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Posture, Asymmetry and Correction?


I have arrived at 36 years old and am seeing some NASTY issues in asymmetrical muscle groups, lowered lifting performance and nagging pains etc. I'm desperate for some help and/or analysis to help me prioritize what should be my main training/developement/stretching 'toolbox'. I have taken several photo's to hopefully provide something that might appear to be really obvious to those here at T-Nation.

Any input, suggestions and/or help would be hugely appreciated. I can only include one photo so it's of me relaxed from the front. Back shots I have show what seems to be a shorter lower trap on my left side which is also the raised shoulder in this front shot.

I have really been working the back in terms of rows, prone 45 degree 'Y's', rotator work and more posterior delt work. I don't have a 'shoulder' day and have elminated vertical pressing, BB benching and a lot of pec work in favor of trying to correct whatever is going on.

I do some Incline DB chest work mainly to maintain what I have and then stretch the crap out of it. I have most discomfort (formerly pain but now somewhat reduced) in my left shoulder when overhead pressing, heavier chest work and shoulder abduction, predominantly DB lateral raises.

Thanks to anyone with feedback and/or help!


Back shot. Notice the lower trapezius on the left looks shorter. I'll follow up with a close up chest shot of the right pec line 'deformity'.


Finally a contracted chest shot to show how the right pec is very odd shaped along the inner edge compared to the other. Thanks again to anyone that can help out with any info/tips and 'shop tech-talk' a la E.Cressey and his great original artical "Neandrathal No More".


The pec is most likely just a genetic variation. It could've been from a past injury, but you didn't list any prior injuries so I'd lean more towards just a genetic variation of your muscle attachments.

As for the shoulder, it is hard to tell from your photos, but it could be stemming from the hips, or a scapular elevation issue that could be muscular, rib displacement, or thoracic spine displacement.


Hey Keleb, I see you are also from BC. I am wondering if you have found any help with your problem? I am looking for a professional to help me with a similar issue. thanx!


dude you look completely normal to me.
not a single body in the world is evened up perfectly. it just the way bones develop from different forces placed on it throughout your life. if you didnt even draw all the line around your shoulder i dont think anybody but you would notice.
the pec is more noticeable, but again, theres nothing you could do about it adn its obviously just gonna be the way your body is made.
as for the nagging pains i dunno if its linked to what you call your "deformities" (in your well developed body) but i doubt it