Posture Assessment

didn’t know where to post to get assistance with my posture but i believe i have excessive kyphosis, scapular protraction (rounded shoulders and internal rotation of the humeri), as well as laterally rotated feet.

anyone who can lend their experience with this would be greatly appreciated, i would love perfect posture.

i’ve had a shoulder injury and tightness in the calves, lower quads, and hams, as well as hip abductors.

my picture uploaded isn’t working

Get more flexible and stand up straight.

Not a big deal dude.

i’m guessing you don’t know much about posture, you can’t fix pelvic tilts and shoulder girdle protraction by standing up straight. and getting more flexible is very vague… but whatever i’ll just assume i do have these problems and start doing corrective exercises from tmuscle articles

Eric Cressey has some good stuff on posture. I think Assess & Correct is his new DVD but I dunno if it’s out yet. I took a weekend course with him and it came with a lot of assessments. Honestly, where you can’t tell there’s a problem with a picture, you’ll need a massage table and some assessments.

earthquake…the Assess and Correct DVD is out on his website. Is that somethign you think anyone could buy and use? I’m not a pt, or anything in that area and have little knowledge about things like that. I do have Magnificent Mobility, and Inside Out and Maximum Strength, those are easy to understand and apply. Is A&C on those same levels?

You’re lucky you were able to go to a course with him. Im hoping one day when I have enough money I can head down to his training facility and get some assesments done from him and then have him write up some workouts for me.

OP anything Cressy, Robertson, or Hartman…look it up. I can tell you that the Foam Roller and stretching have done WONDERS for my posture and imperfections and chronic pains.

SeanParent, Luckly for me he came near where I am living. I think he does go on ‘tour’ with various fitness campaigns.

The A&C dvd (as I have been told) will have some ways to assess range of motion and mobility deficits, with the proper exercise/movement prescription. I was told it would not be in depth as much as a PT who knows his shit would go into. I was told it would be on a similar level to magnificent mobility, user friendly, and nowhere near as in depth as his course.