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Posture and Trap Development


Thib, I was wondering on some trap development, been training for about 5 years now, 2 of knowing what I am doing. I do have bad posture which I assume is not helping this out, no matter how heavy I pull or shrug I still cant seem to get good trap development. Is there anything out there that would help me with my posture if related


i have to agree with this, i have the same problem. face pulls seem to help me. but posture isnt just about muscle development you have to stand well too, at least thats what i think. what do i know im sure Thib knows whats up. id be interested to hear your opinion coach


Even with that it just seems my traps are lagging so hard. I can pull decent for my weight abotu 405x2 at 155 but if you saw my traps you would want to laugh


kroc rows
power cleans
neck weight devices


Under the Training Lab CT did a video segment just on Traps work. It's one of his earliest videos so you'll have to search all the way back to the beginning but it might be worthwhile for you.


"at 155 "

could this be the issue?


thats not the issue


@jaynick77 thanks man


Uhhhh, yes, it probably is the issue. Unless you're like 5' 0". At 155, I'm sure your traps are proportionate to everything else. They're not lagging, they're just small.


Uhhhh, yes, it probably is the issue. Unless you're like 5' 0". At 155, I'm sure your traps are proportionate to everything else. They're not lagging, they're just small.[/quote]

no I am at like 170 now, but still lift the same since ive been working more.


try hitting your traps 2-3 times a week for a month or two. high pulls or power upright rows really hit my traps hard, way harder than shrugs. cleans work too, but i find they hit the rear delts a lil harder than traps, plus you can use alil more weight on high pulls than you can cleans.

when doing shrugs, tuck your chin to your chest and hold/squeeze the contracted (top) portion of the lift for about 2-3 seconds. there's all kinds of different shrug variations...

barbell shrugs, dumbbell shrugs, lean away single arm db shrugs, single arm barbell shrugs- give em a shot!

unfortunately, traps seem to be pretty stubborn to growth unless your genetically gifted in that area. you're probably gonna have to grow to be a pretty big dude if you're lookin for that "yoked" look. just keep pounding away at em and make sure to eat and recover enough to support growth and you'll get there.

wouldn't hurt to do some weighted neck extension/ flexion work like someone else suggested as well.

good luck!


This has loads of great advice in here. For me, greater time under tension, caused by holding the positive when contracted, and lowering slowly, using DBS to prevent shoulder protraction which can happen when shrugging with barbells, works great. I barely train traps any more. I never found the need for worry, once I realised what I wrote above, and the suggestions Dolce made, work so well.

Obviously he can answer for himself, but here is what Christian has written in the past specifically oriented towards the goal of increasing size in the shoulder girdle, relative to other body parts: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_interviews/20_pounds_of_hollywood_muscle

(scroll down to beneath the picture of Sebastian Cossette and click 'HERE')

I don't know if he'd want to revise it? But it is an explicit and clear framework for doing what was advised: 'train them 2-3 times per week with various movements'. Good luck mate


You said yesterday you were 155lbs. So you put on 15lbs in a day?


no when i did that it was like a year to a year and a half, im between 165-170 depending on the week and what I eat


I was looking at back/trap development thib had when he trains the 3 guys the first thing that came to mind was, wtf is that 50 year old man do there with those gay ass wanna be straps that hook the bar for you and why thib had to tell him what to do like 5 different times. hahah