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Postural/Shoulder Issues

kind of a lengthy question. but basically I’ve had left shoulder issues for years. it was finally diagnosed as a labral tear which the doctor said was minor in nature. but basically i experience tightness in my left upper back not so much my upper trap but more my left rhomboid (and paraspinals i think) i also recently experienced lower back pain.

my lower back is much more developed on my right side than my left. i went to a pt and she said that i had a weak left hamstring weak right glute weak left oblique. it seems like my right quad and hip flexor are tighter on my right side. could this be because of the weak glute on the right side? i have also noticed that i seem to have more thoracic mobility on my left side if thats even possible?

it would make sense though because my right pec and upper trap seem tighter than my left. i also get severe stiffness in my right levitator scapulae muscle. I’ve been doing some thoracic spine mobility exercises on a foam roller to try to balance out each side and some stretching of my right scapular elevators. i also have been to a chiropractor who said i have a minor(very minor) s curve in my spine less than 10degrees he also noted that i have a flat back like my natural spinal curves aren’t as exaggerated as they should be, mainly a flat spot between my shoulder blades, i didn’t think to ask if it was his opinion of whether or not he thought the curve was functional or structural. if it was structural would i be experiencing this much discomfort from such a minor curve?

comments? suggestions? i know this is all over the place i can definitely elaborate if needed

also i don’t know the technical term for it but when i lift my arms overhead and then come back down i have very very very poor control of my scapula on the downward phase of the motion, like sometimes it feels like they are brushing the sides of my ribcages on the way down. if that makes any since. this is in both shoulders. i just basically have very poor scapular control and awareness. especially with overhead movements. like i said i was diagnosed with the minor labral tear on my left side. i can do most exercises completely pain free. they only real thing is i can make my left shoulder blade pop i guess? it feels like its brushing on my rib and standing just feels like it isn’t sitting right. could this be because my thoracic spine is rotated more so to the left? like i said i think i have more thoracic mobility on my left side than my right. like when i do shoulder presses with my left i feel no discomfort because i have better mobility, but with my right side i get like a tightness in my front deltoid and have to cut the exercise short. not like a painful tightness just so discomforting i have to stop.