Postural Realignment

Anyone know of ways to realign one’s posture? i’ve got a case of kyphosis lardosis from years of heavy benching and from neglecting my midback muscles and posterior deltoids. i’ve tried to train my back and rotator cuff more, but i haven’t seen any improvement in posture. i even got myself a spine roller, but i haven’t made any significant improvements with that either. anyone got any suggestions?

There is an article in the mag called “oh my aching back”, if you havent read it already. should be something to start with, i believe you can find it in the FAQ. i know i had something about various stretches, exercises, and whatnot for your back and posture, but i cant seem to find it right now. if i do come across it i will post again. hope that article can help you.

Hi Jim. My shoulders tended to round forward a bit. I started putting as much effort into seated rows (on a machine with a chest pad) as I was with bench and chest. In fact, I frequently superset opposing movements now. I also added upright rows and occasional sternum chins (see the article “The End of Geek Back Training”. Also hyperextensions with weight, good mornings and deadlifts also strengthen the erector muscles in the back. The musculature in my entire back and especially upper back, & rear delts has improved so much that my shoulders ride back farther and my posture has indeed improved. I also have worked up to rotator cuff work with 40 lb dumbbels.
My bench has improved nicely, too. Balanced development rules! - Nylo

Another thought. You should probably consider work with a very, very good chiropractor and massage therapist/PT. You might also want to work with a Feldenkreis practitioner on movement re-education. I’ve heard of extraordinary things coming out of Feldenkreis work with people with these issues.

There is a wonderfull chiropractic technique called Chiropractic Biophysics that is solely focused on correcting posture with spinal adjustments, corrective exercise and traction.
You can find a practitioner and get more information at the “idealspine” web site.

thanks for the advice guys. i thought about going about to a chiropracter or maybe an ART practitioner. i never noticed my posture until i got fitted for a suit and saw myself in the mirror at different angles. “Good God!” I thought, “I look like a caveman!” anyway, i’ll try the tips. thanks, again.

Try ART with a provider with as much experience as possible. You need a combination of good soft tisssue work and corrective exercise. It’s uselees to try to strengthen a muscle if it’s atagonist is to tight. By loosening the atagonist, the opposing muscle often shows an increase in strength. Another tip to remember, Ian King has correctly written about equivalent volume in four planes around your shoulder joint. Balance bench type lifts with rows(scapular retraction and protraction), and presses with pulldown, chin up types of exercises. The set amount should be about the same for each.