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Postural Concerns

I have previously posted this in Off-Topic, but no response. Thought i’d try here as it’s probably more relevant

T-men, I am reaching out to you with a request for help.

I have searched for some tips, but somewhat unsuccessfully. If it has been answered elsewhere, I do apologise in advance.
The Neanderthal No More series has been excellent, however I was hoping to get a few opinions on the specifics of the following:

As a young boy I was diagnosed with a slight scoliosis. It
hasn’t worsened, and in fact last year (at age 25) my physiotherapist and MD said it looked “pretty good”.
Either way, my right shoulder is lower than my left.
This one is mostly cosmetic, but I am no expert and perhaps others may be able to comment on this being an issue.

I have either an internally rotated right femur, or an externally rotated tibia, or both (likely my foot turns out to compensate for the internally rotated femur).
The problem with this is, I am experiencing some pain on the inside of my right knee, particularly after squatting.
My physiotherapist said, and i quote “You may have just learnt to walk like that as a baby, so i think it’s quite normal”.

My question is: Can I correct these imbalances?

In the first instance, I have done nothing.
In the second, I have tried stretching my TFL as well as performing cable abduction on the right leg, both to little or no effect after a month or two of exercises.

I am certainly no expert and I may have completely fucked up here and picked the wrong exercises.

Any help would be much appreciated.