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Postural Analysis for Virginia Tech

I’m submitting something for my boss (I’m a personal trainer at Virginia Tech) for the Southeastern Collegiate Fitness Expo at NC State. I get 1 hour to present something on “Fit For Function” (not my favorite phrase) as the theme in the presentations. I chose postural analysis to do, because it’s something I notice that others seem to have no clue about, and it just seems interesting.

Given that I have 1 hour to workshop (lecture and demonstrate/have others do stuff) I didn’t want to get too crazy with the topics. I’m thinking about focusing on the shoulder girdle and hips with a wrap-up on the spine/back…

Let’s say you came to see this as another student, what would you like to see in the presentation? What’s something that is very common that you guys see or would like to know about?
I just need some ideas on my presentation for things that are interesting with postural analysis if my topics aren’t good enough, or if anyone has any ideas on what to do with the 2-3 topics I chose.


I would keep it pretty basic. Maybe talk about Upper and Lower cross syndrome and then discuss common mistakes people do to further increase the problem and ways to correct the problem.