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Posting Rules for Newbies


I’ve noticed that there is a growing abundance of extremely bad advice floating around this forum lately. As such, I’ve decided to post some rules for posting here. If you think something should be added, please feel free to add to this thread, and I’ll update this post whenever I can.

Why do we need the rules?

AAS is something that can seriously mess you up for life if taken incorrectly. What we don’t need is someone taking bad advice and getting into serious medical problems. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about then follow this link:


I’m not promoting Steroid Encyclopedia, personally, I’ve never used it. But that is a perfect example of incorrect use of AAS.

If you are an AAS virgin here, go to:

Incorrect AAS use reflects badly on this forum, and could get it shut down if some teenager takes bad advice and then proceeds to tell his parents where he “got” the advice from.

Also note that the definition of a veteran (vet) is someone with extensive intelligent AAS use in their past. If they’ve made mistakes and LEARNT from them, consider them to be knowledgeable.


1. Don’t expect people to take your advice if you’ve only joined the forum in the last 3 months

The simplest explanation we can give for this one is that you have NO credibility. We don’t know about your experience with AAS. We have our own resident ‘veterans’ (i.e. bushidobadboy, rainjack) and we’d rather listen to them. They might make a mistake here and there, but I have yet to see it.

On the same note, if you have joined in the last 3 months, prove to us you can hold an intelligent conversation about AAS use, and we’ll be tempted to listen to you.

You, as a newbie to the forum, haven’t proven yourself yet.

2. If you insist on giving out bad advice, you’ll be marked as a troll

Now let’s clear up this first point - if you made an honest mistake, that’s fine. If you get pigheaded, and keep spouting the same crap over and over, then we WILL mark you as a troll. We don’t like having our time wasted on this board.

Standard protocol to mark trolls is to quote what they said and add:

or something similar.

3. Keep posts ON TOPIC

This is a steroid forum. This also covers non-AAS drugs, but let’s keep in mind that this is a BODYBUILDING website. That means you can feel free to discuss other bodybuilding drugs that would normally be considered in the grey area in terms of legality. Examples of OK topics:

  • Any AAS
  • Clenbuterol/Albuterol
  • Pro-Hormones
  • Growth Hormones

Examples of topics that will get you flamed:

  • Meth (i.e. ‘P’)
  • Ecstasy
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana (I personally think that it should be legal, but that’s a whole different topic!)

We aren’t here to talk about your drug addiction. I’m sure you can find another forum that will help you with that, just try this website to find a few:


Keep all your topics to bodybuilding.

4. Veterans are an asset. Don’t get pissy because they were short with you

Enough said. If they do get rude or impatient, its because you were a jackass. They explain things to you for free, so don’t get rude. None of the vets will be rude for the hell of it, you most likely told them to get fucked or something similar.

Same goes for Moderators and Authors. Especially considering they run this site. I’ve never seen any of them get rude because they were having a bad day, usually the target of their aggression will have deserved it.

5. Debate is good. Flaming is not.

Debate as to whether you should try D-Bol or Sust or use this particular stack of whatever is good. It promotes learning. What we don’t need is flame wars just because someone offered an alternative. Weigh up the pro and cons, then formulate a response from that.

6. Check your ego at the door.

This is a public forum, but the vets command much more respect than you. They do pretty much run things based on a mutual respect sort of way. Respect everyone, learn, and give good advice. Don’t become a kiss-ass, but don’t provoke trouble either.

7. Quality of posts over quantity.

Just because you’ve made several hundred/thousand posts, it does NOT mean you’re a ‘vet’. If most of those posts are absolute crap… well you see where this is going. The term ‘veteran’ is reserved for those who can give good advice consistently (and having extensive experience helps!).

If you’ve made it clear that you have proper experience with AAS and/or good advice, then give it time and people will listen to you eventually.

8. Consistent trolling will result in you getting banned.

Like I’ve already stated, AAS is dangerous. Keep giving out advice that could screw over a newbie, and we don’t have much choice do we?

To get the process started, either hit the Report Post button, or send a (friendly) PM to the Moderators and bring to attention the user in question. The report post button can be found at the bottom of the user info panel at the side of each post.

If at this point, you’re still confused as to what a troll is, then follow this link:

Trolling should be minimized, and if you have the urge - go to the ‘Sex and the Male Animal’ or ‘Get a Life’ boards.

9. Do a search first and don’t clog up the board

Chances are that your question has been answered before. Do a search, and then ask.

Also, don’t ask multiple questions and clog up the board when you can start a single thread and ask them all at once.

Like I said earlier, add to this thread and I’ll update it whenever I can find time.

Play nice fellas!

Good post

Sticky. maybe rename to something quick to read and eye catching. Such as “READ - Posting Rules” or “Posting Rules for Newbies”.

Bumped for the n00bs.

No-one wants to add to this?

I have nothing to add, other than the fact if (probably when)I decide to take the leap, I will come to you guys, without being annoying.

I would like to add that some of those points are rather “high and mighty” ish.

I know I don’t like having my ass kissed, and am sure any self-respecting man doesn’t like the idea of being held up on a pedestal, as if he had “paid his dues” and is owed respect by virtue of a high post count. A “vet” is just an average Joe who happens to have more experience.

We’re not talking about ass-kissing, it’s more of a courtesy thing. I’m not a big fan of these asswipes who’ve been part of this forum all of two minutes giving out some shocking advice. I’m certainly not saying the amount of posts you’ve made is what counts, but it does establish some semblance of experience.

I have been a member for all of 4 minutes, But i have been alive and “learning” for a lot longer - but i try to give relevant, safe, and basic advice.
Or i ask questions, for me to learn…

I would like to think someone would listen to me because they agreed or didnt listen because they didnt agree, rather than look at the number of posts i have or date joined. To be fair (and no disrespect to any vets who really do know their stuff) it doesnt mean one know’s their shit, having been a member for 10 years., it just means the have been a member for 10 years.

As it happens alot of vets here are very knowledgeable, but it isnt always black and white.

But i do understand that a newb such as myself (when it comes to posting here), should not expect the respect and attention to a post, that someone that is known and respected here already does. That is fine, we trust who we know. you have to earn trust.


The above post by Joe is a perfect example of how to conduct your self in this forum. The only reason I felt this was necessary was because of the astounding number of new guys with attitude problems.

Taken into account, I’ll modify accordingly.

EDIT: Done. Added #7 just now.

Wow! Thanks! This is what a government SHOULD be like, INTERACTIVE!

Thanks though.


[quote]Joe Brook wrote:
Wow! Thanks! This is what a government SHOULD be like, INTERACTIVE!

Thanks though.


I knew these ‘rules’ would have to be adjusted, so I’m inviting some debate here so we can arrive at some rules that make this part of the forum a little tidier.

Cough bump cough

This thread sucks.

Ouch. Last time I try and help then.

I figured you’d all want this section of the forum to be a little bit tidier.

[quote]Makavali wrote:
Ouch. Last time I try and help then.

I figured you’d all want this section of the forum to be a little bit tidier.[/quote]

Don’t mind him, I would like to think of this thread as fore-warning to trolls. If the mods would agree, I would like #8 to be “All trolls will be banned from the steroid forum via petition by the members.”

There should a majority for a ban and should have no less than 20 votes or it is null. I can only hope that this will be taken into consideration and reduce the amount of trolls\trollish comments that we get\have. As stated before, trolls are dangerous to the newbies and we do not want them to take bad advice and fuck themselves up for the rest of their life.

#8 added.

EDIT: #8 edited on the advice of the Mods, I’m assured that they’ll be looking into a new way of dealing with the complaints they’ve been receiving.

Should I keep bumping this or can we get it stickied?

Should I keep bumping this or can we get it stickied?

Why not just drop this thread altogether? No one’s going to read it anyway.