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Posting pics?

A question for those of you with pics on the “Photo forum”. I have been trying to post pics for a while, and Chris S. e-mailed and said those using “Internet Explorer” were having trouble posting (the message went through but not the pic). The pics are stored in “My Documents” folder. I even tried to resize them. Not sure what I need to do. Any pointers? -LW

Use Netscape?

Dave-I will if I need to, I don’t have it on my computer currently. Could probably download it from the internet, but my dial-up connection is so sloooooooooow. Just wondered if “IE” doesn’t work at all or if I just did something else wrong.

Maybe if the guys at T-mag would stand up an FTP server you could use a FTP client to upload them?

I finally sent a pic to the t-mag staff and they put it up for me. Thanks!

I couldn’t get anything to post even under correct specs until I used Netscape.

Thanks for the input guys, maybe I’ll let the ol’ clunker download tonight. Seems like it must be a glitch with the forum to not let sruff in from “IE” though?