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Posting Pics After Working Out 2 Months?



AAAahhhhaaaahaaaahaaa Try working out for 2 years then make a post! This is a joke, guys are walking around like Macho Man Randy Savage after 2 months loool. I couldnt reply to this guys look at me after 2 months post so I figure I would start a general joke thread.


Everytime I think I'm ready to post a picture of myself on here some mother fucker like gregron for instance posts some new avatar where they make my progress look pathetic.


Welcome to the Forum, I can already tell you're going to be a valued contributor...


I bet OP is hyooge


There are like 15 people on this forum who actually contribute anything.



I attempt to contribute the lulz so people like you can chuckle after a hard workout, hence why I keep my vegan ass in the GAl


That could be said for work, life and the government in general X.


True. It just struck me as funny...like people ranting because an off topic thread...goes off topic.

At this point, it is redundant to call a new poster out on a dumb post.

A lot of people here spend more time worrying about how people post instead of helping anyone else at all.

But that was way more serious than I initially intended.


You're both being optimistuc.


dont even get me started on this... watched the documentary "Inside Job" the other night and I am still mad about all that shit! I cant believe the Feddy Gov keeps hiring/appointing the same motherfucks that ruined our economy to try and fix it now... So many people that I wanted to punch in the face. lol

Enjoy your Millions of dollars..... with a blown out nose!!!


Agreed. I thought of that after I wrote it. There are more like 5.

If half of the people here bitching about how other people post actually contributed more than that, this board would be worth reading again.


Well according to the size of the company, we have over 300 employees so 15 is a safe estimate.


The Pareto Principle!




Ours are nice.


Post something productive or GTFO



We used them to summon.
Raquel wonders where Rocky has been hiding.


Progress pics? Are my boobies too fat in this pic?


Hmn... I think they're too fat for SAMA.

But you know what COURAGE WOLF SAYS!