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Posting photos on the forum

Hey guys, I want to post a photo on the forum but I don’t have a quality scanner (just a Lexmark fax with a shitty scan function). Does anyone know if a place like Kinko’s could help me post? Also, I lost track of the “how-to” guidelines that used to be listed at the Photos page. Any help would be appreciated!

In the photo forum, if you click on “Post Message” or whatever it says, there’s a link where you can send it to T-mag to post it for you if you’re having problems.

Thanks for the guidance… I have a B&W 8x10 photo, any suggestions on how I can submit this? I’ll have to call around and see if any of my friends have access to a quality scanner.

Kinko’s and other photo places will scan it and put it on disk for you for a small fee.