Posting my first PR

Tonight I squatted 315 for 4 reps. This is my personal record and I am pretty stoked. My goal was to squat 315 by my birthday in August, so I guess it’ll have to be 365 for b-day.

Today was also my first day of Red Bands…coincidence? ;o


Way to not limit yourself with your preset goals. Set them, overtake them, then re-evaluate.

Keep it up.


Wow! Congrats on yer new PR!

You squat pretty well for a teenage witch. bet you have never heard that joke before. congrats on your new PR. now go and get 365!

Awesome accomplishment to break your record by such a large amount. When dd you set the goal of squatting 315?

Sabrina, you are my role model. Nice job on your new PR.

That is an incredible amount of weight. I know, I’ve squatted that much many years ago.

It’s too bad I can’t do it anymore! Keep up the good work, you’re in an inspiration to us all.

And it doesn’t hurt that you’re hot, either.

Thanks guys!


I decided to squat 315 about 3 months ago, when 225 started feeling easy. I feel more focused if I always have a goal like that. For example, sometimes I’m tired and I’ll think about skipping abs and then I think, “Hello, Ass! you’ll never squat big with a weak core.” Or something like that :). I tend to focus on squatting because it is my favorite lift and I love it, but doing so keeps all my other training in line, if that makes sense.