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Posting Addict??


I have been coming to this site for a while now. I have seen several of you who do the same thing..

The question is how often do you think about this forum? I check it everyday and any time I get a free minute to hit the web. Are some of you addicted to posting?

I mean most of you know enough to get in the gym and be left alone but, here you are. Whether your asking questions, answering questions, or just flaming the hell out of someone you are here.

So lets hear it for T-Nation, why are you here?


Bored at work.

Do i get bonus points for being the first reply?


Clearly, I am addicted to T-Nation. I have it open all day at work and I keep clicking back on it every half hour or so - unless I'm very busy. But my workload ebbs and flows, which is why there are days when I seem to post all day and other stretches where I'm not on for a whole week. But, I can't keep away.



People who post alot are known as post-whores, however, I prefer to be known as a post-slut.

As an ex-drunk.... I turned my addiction towards the computer, then added weight training to my list of vices.

My work doesn't involve the use of computers, hardly at all, and all our computers at work are hobbled, to the extent that the ONLY web site you can go to, is the COMPANY web site. To play solitaire or freecell, you have to unplug the network connection, or you get a nasty message from the 'network administrator'.

For my next job, I'd like to get employment, where I can sit around and post jibberish on T-Nation all day.

\|/ 3Toes


Sorry, we're not hiring.



just chillin at work.


This is the only site I look at online, unless I'm doing homework or checking movie times.

T-Nation rules.


apply to where i work, altho dont tell them that


Yeah, I'm a post slut too. This site has me under it's spell and I can't get away from it. I think I'll need a 12 step program to get the T-Nation monkey off my back. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! It has even trapped my wife. Now we're both stuck. T-junkies, that's what we are.


You guys, too???


No shit. Tons of subliminal messages here keeping me on way too much.

Thank God I drink so much or else I'd be here all day.


Well, personally, I don't post here very much cough, but it is fun to read...


Come out of denial Vroom. It's ok, we all accept you.


Yea, it's pretty apparant isn't it.


T-Nation is the only site I have seen so far that gives my brain the feeding and exercise it needs on a daily basis. By feeding I mean both a good variety of information and an ample supply of various opinions. The entertainment, the no-holds-barred freedom of expression, and jokes add to it.

So, yes, in a way, I am addicted. The library and bookstore can`t compete with interactive media.


Better than that OTHER bodybuilding site that everyone frequents....hint hint... I called it a bodybuilding site....hint hint... and it sucks real bad....hint hint... Full of teens trying to get cut...hint hint... Well you guys get the picture. This site > That other site.


I can't believe how many posts some people have on this site, 3000, 5000. You know some even have over 7000 posts!

Let's face it, you can't have much of a life if you have that many posts on this forum.



Zeb, I haven't seen you around before... are you new? Welcome to the site!


Impressive - over 7000 posts and training 30 years. I can only hope to get that much of a life.

This site is by far one of the most informative BB sites I've come across and the humour here I have yet to see rivaled.


I feel like a posting child compared to some here, but I'm working on it...

And yes, I'm addicted to this site. I used to be addicted to a car audio site, but not nearly as often nor for as long.

I'd say this site takes up about 90% of my total internet time.