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Posteriorly Tilting The Pelvis

I read the article “Core training for smart folks” and I simply do not understand how to posteriorly tilt my pelvis. Do I simply make sure my lower back does not come off the ground? Do I need to have my abs flexed as I perform the exercises? It all seems so complicated…

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If you can anteriorly tilt your pelvis, i.e. arch your lower back, you should know what the opposite of that feels like, now just go to the other extreme, this will be posterior tilt.

Why do you need to create a posterior pelvic tilt?

Now if you have excessive anterior pelvic tilt then an increase in posterior tilt may be needed - but that’s more about muscle balance (muscle length tension relationships) - you should be aiming for a neutral spine. Your posture and core control should be on a sub-conscious level.

I understand now. I am trying to strengthen my core and the “core training” program i mentioned before calls for posteriorly tilting the pelvis. thanks much everyone