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Posterior Tibialis Pain

I have intense pain in my posterior tibialis. I’ve heard that most people experience it close to the foot. Mine occurs midway between foot and knee, around the meat of the calf muscle. It seems to hurt at a lot of random times, not necessarily when I’m running (POSE). I also pronate. I’ve heard the Diesel Crew video is okay, but I’d prefer an awesome remedy. I’d appreciate any help.

powerstep orthotics are pretty decent, cheap, over the counter orthosis. There is a PTTD brace. Ankle braces can help. Dont go for any injections if that is truely what it is, but it doesn’t sound like thats truely your problem. midway between the knee and foot is the Post tib muscle rather than the post tib tendon which is what usually gets inflamed.

RICE therapy works well for PTTD. rest. ice. compression. elevation.

do you have a tennis ball and / or an EVA foam roller? See if you can find some knots…

lol @ alexus.

You take the saying “foam roll it” literally.


I am thinking that perhaps mechanically, you are performing an exercise in a biomechanical way that is hurting that muscle. Probably fixing that would be the 1st step. Do you do calf raises?