Posterior Shoulder Pain

I have been having some pain in the back of my shoulder, Its a dull aching pain, and it doesnt hurt when i do any specific movements, just the dull ache all the time. So, ive come to the conclusion its inflammation. I took 200mg of ibuprofen and didnt have any problems. What im wondering is if there is anything I can do to get rid of the inflammation besides taking time off because im in middle of making some decent gains right now.

Is there certain stretches, or band exercises i could be doing?

Double dosing on fish oil maybe?

I had that. In my case it was a shoulder imbalance from doing too much benching and no back work. Mine was right behind the shoulder and it was a dull ache. I lived with it for almost a year before I figured out it was an imbalance. I corrected it by doing alot of back work, and now im pain free. What’s your workout look like that you’ve been doing?

Back is probably my favorite muscle group to work so i dont think its imbalance… my routine looks like this:

full body

day off

upper body pull


upper body push

day off

day off

I kinda noticed it when i started doing heavy dips and heavy pull ups again