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Posterior Shoulder Capsule Trigger Point

There’s this spot that when I do tennis ball work is always a trigger point, sometimes lower in intensity and high in intensity when it’s nagging me.

This spot is right where my lat, arm, and shoulder all meet together. The real trigger point fire breaks loose when I start internally and externally rotating my upper arm with the tennis ball in that spot.

After doing this it feels a lot better, but what is this spot? What’s it function? What muscles and connective tissue are there? What will improve flexibility, mobility, and the strength of this area?

After some reading… it looks like it might be my teres minor…

That same shoulder also clicks a lot especially if I move it overhead and has a history.

Among other things, Teres minor, major, lat, triceps long head, infraspinatus, axillary and radial nerves are all in that area. Deeper you have capsule and labrum. Very common site for adhesion formation because of the junction of so many surfaces in different directions. Sounds like the tennis ball work is giving some relief, but if you’re doing it everyday for relief you might have some other issues that you should get a couple ART treatments on. Clicking could be a huge variety of different problems.

When I did some overhead shrugs, I found that there was so much tightness in that region that it made it difficult for me to lock out my triceps on that side (I could with a lot of concentration doing it).