Posterior Pelvic Tilt

I have a muscle imbalance called posterior pelvic tilt which is causing low back pain and hip tightness. I feel like the tight muscles are piriformis, quadratus lumborum and erector spinae. For this imbalance is recommended to stretch my hams and glutes(also activate glutes) and strenghten quads, hip flexors and low back. However i am in doubt in strengthening the low back because its in spasm and it hurts doing supermans and hyperextensions. What are your recommendations? Did any of you have the same problem? Do you know any effective way to stretch those hamstrings? I have been doing stretches for long time and they are still really tight.

are you sure it’s posterior pelvic tilt and not anterior?

I have almost no curve in my low back, i must force myself to bring chest up and walk in normal posture. However my posture is not too bad, i think i might be dealing with inactive glutes because i have no ass(i ve been sitting all the time till my back strated hurting). I think hamstrings are compensating for the glutes and thats why they are really tight.

You’ll be having low back spasims because of your muscle weakness. When there is an imbalence the weak muscle which is being pulled will tighten up in order to protect its self. Start slowly with no weights. Try stretching your abs out. Same goes for your hamstrings. Keep stretching them but add more volume to your quad training, e.g Knee extensions. You need to strengthen the weak muscle and stretch the strong one.

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