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Posterior Labral Detachment and Programming


So I just had a doctor tell me that my labrum (shoulder, not hip) is detached, and I am going to require surgery to fix it; the only problem is that I can't get it done until May. Seeing as I am a) insane, and b) unable to not lift, I am looking for some help programming workouts for the next few months.

I want to compete in olympic lifting, but cannot do anything overhead or really do anything that would cause my shoulder to rotate in a way that puts pressure on the posterior labrum, so I can't bench, or more relevantly clean, snatch, or jerk. I need exercises and a program that will allow me to keep working on explosiveness and driving my hips for olympic lifts that aren't going to screw me up even more.

I also can't front squat, and back squatting (I was taught the powerlifting way) puts a lot of pressure on the joint as a whole. Is there another way of squatting that will take pressure off my shoulder?



A safety squat might be a good option for you, put straps on the bar to approximate the grips of a typical safety bar.

As for explosiveness, get into plyometrics and sprinting in the mean time. A solid shoulder rehab routine may get you to an okay place, may not. Work on fixing scapular motion and rotator cuff strengthening. Since it sounds like a SLAP lesion, take load off your bicep tendon as contraction will produce the tearing peel-back mechanism.