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Posterior Impingement and Superior Humeral Glide

    I’ve been dealing with a bad shoulder for a full year now.  It started with just pain in the back of the shoulder (in between medial and rear delt), particularly on pressing movements and the end of external rotation.  I saw an ortho who noted scapular winging and dysfunction.  

   After 4 weeks of physical therapy and no improvement at all, I had an MRI without contrast that saw supraspinatus tendinosis.  Eventually I wasn’t able to lift my arm to the side at all and could feel it getting stuck.  Around this time I could also start to feel what I would describe as the tendons rolling over the bone when I retract or protract my shoulders (kind of like popping).  I stopped working out for a while thinking I actually tore something but that didn’t work either.  

The second ortho I saw couldn’t figure out what was going on exactly either but recommended more physical therapy to no avail.

   I then saw a chiropractor who is also a certified clinical trainer.  He focused on getting my serratus to work with wall slides with elbows on wall and in a week or 2 was able to move my arm to the side.  The scapular winging is now mostly gone, but not 100%.  My scapula still wing when I reach up behind my back.    The chiro took a video of my abducting my arm.  Once if I just try without any concentration, you can see my Humeral head go up and to the front and my arm gets stuck about 30 degrees.  If I concentrate on a specific muscle in there, it raises like a normal function shoulder and scapula.  Over the past couple weeks I’ve found a lot of info on the following:

Posterior Interbal Impingement
Anterior/Superior Humeral Glide
Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit
Posterior Capsular Contracture

I’ve only made marginal improvement the past 2 weeks, but I’m kind of stuck. There’s still pain on external rotation, lifting my arm straight overhead and limited internal range of motion. The Humeral head still wants to glide up and forward if I’m not concentrating (which when working in a warehouse it’s hard to remember all the cues when using hand trucks and lifting boxes all day).

But I can do push-ups plus now without pain as long as I really really focus on that serratus.
My program is as follows:

Overhead Shrugs/Slides
Elbows on Wall Slides (with scapula protracted)
Push-up Plus
High Internal Rotation
Open Can Scaption Raise
Sleeper Stretch
Crossbody arm Stretch
Pec Stretch
Posterior Shoulder Release on Foam Roller
Thoracic Extension on Foam Roller
Everything 3 sets of 10-15

I feel like I’m still missing something. Maybe it’s the open can raise but I don’t know yet as I just started.
I think that’s it. If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. I’m desperately trying to avoid surgery.

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