Posterior Hip Pain

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping somebody has experience with this. I have pain in my posterior hip that only happens under both hip flexion and femoral external rotation simultaneously. This basically means I can’t do a standard back squat.

I tried a 25-rep squat program (since I suspected it got injured squatting so I would fix it that way) and while I realize that sort of thing mostly helps muscle belly injuries and not orthopedic injuries, it did help. Then when I dropped to 10 reps it hurt again A LOT even though that 10 rep set (which was aborted) was only 30 lbs heavier than a weight I was supposed to do for 20 two days earlier. I did that lighter weight for 2x10 since there was some pain on the 10th rep of the first set but the second set was only mild discomfort.

I have not been to a doctor. I just don’t have time.