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Posterior Deltoid/Anterior Deltoid Balance

My Anterior(front) Deltoids seem to be growing WAY faster than my Posterior(rear) ones. I’ve added Rear Delt rows + Chinups to my routine and that seems to be helping but I was wondering what the rest of you do for this area, or if anyone even cares. Here’s my current routine for reference:

(4x8 Cycle)
Day 1 Vertical Push/Pull/Accessory
Rear Delt Row
Band Chinups
Barbell Decline Situps
Farmer’s Walk

Day 2 Horizontal Push/Pull/Accessory
Close Grip Bench Press
(Drop Set) Seated Cable Rows w/stirrup handle
Barbell Good Mornings
(5x5) Crush Grip Plate Loaded

Day 3 Legs Push/Pull/Accessory
Trap Bar Deadlifts
Barbell Calf Raises
Sled Drag

Day 4 off

(5x5 Cycle)
Day 5 Vertical Push/Pull/Accessory
Standing Barbell Military Press
Trap Bar Shrugs
Barbell Reverse Curl
(Drop Set) Side bends with weights in each hand.

Day 6 Horizontal Push/Pull/Accessory
Thick Bar Bench Press
T-Bar Rows
Wrist Roller Strap (2 Sets of 5 each way)
(Drop Set) Rotator Work

Day 7 Legs Push/Pull/Accessory
Barbell Full Squats
Barbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts
Barbell Curls

Day 8 off
Day 9 off

Are these rear delt rows bent over barbell rows? Another thing is that not just rowing movements can help build your rear delt. Military presses are good for all the shoulder. Just make sure you fit in “the window” when you are at the top, that helps with it.

When I first started doing the military presses right i started to feel it a little bit back there. One more exercise that could really help is one arm DB snatches.

I do reverse bent over flyes to hit em.

Stand up, DB in each hand, Bend over with a flat back so you’re looking at the ground. Then use your posterior delts to reverse fly the weights.

Use tiny, pink DBs to ensure it’s your rear shoulder only doing the work. + you’ll look cool.