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Posterior Cruciate Ligament or Meniscus?


I think i just sprained my pcl. This happened when I was cycling through gears on my bike and the jolt from the gear change made my foot slip off. I managed to stay on the bike but my right foot was still dangling off the bike. I ended up reflexively trying to stop with my right foot straightened out in front of me. It worked and I didn't end up falling but now my knee feels like it could give out when I stand and there's some pain when i fully extend the knee joint.

Could i resume running?

How long is recovery?

How do I even know if it's my PCL? what kind of tests can I run to find out?

How can i speed up recovery time?

How can i rehab it?

Lately i've been doing interval training on my runs but I doubt i can sprint comfortably with this injury. If anyone has suggestions as to how else to have the same type of conditioning, educate me.

Thanks all