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Posterior Chain Prioritization Routine

Hey all. In my upcoming training cycle I’m hoping to prioritize my posterior chain, especially my lower back, and I’m thinking of using the following routine. All you posterior chain experts out there, I’d love to get some feedback.

Monday: Good Mornings 4X3-5; Glute-Ham Raises 4XAMAP@Bodyweight; Reverse Hypers 4X8-10
Tuesday:Upper Body
Thursday: Front Squats 4X3-5, Back Squats 4X3-5, Terminal Range Leg Extensions (to bring up VM) 3X10-12
Friday: Upper Body

As I said, I really want to prioritze my lower back, so I was considering incorporating some stiff-legged deadlifts on Monday (the all-the-way-down, round-backed kind), but I’m kinda scared that I’ll kill myself doing them. Any input is most appreciated. Oh, and I’m not including conventional deads in this routine because I’ve been doing them for about 3 months without switching it up. Thanks!

I’d do some hypers and block DLs. I believe the best thing you can do is turn those back squats into Dave Tate box squats.

It would appear that you don’t do any Olympic lifts but you may want to add some high rep kettlebell or dumbell snatch lifts (ie 3-4 sets x 30 reps), along with additional Reverse Hyper on Thursday, non-weighted GPP and non-conforming object lifts.

In faith, Coach Davies