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Posterior Chain Focus Layers


Hi CT,

First time posting, big fan of the layers and the SGHP.
Can the layers system be tailored to focus on the posterior chain in particular the glutes, hamstrings and hips?
Thanks in Advance.


Hey, not CT but IMO the high pulls do just that! - they target your posterior chain from your calves right up to your delts/traps.

doing them twice a week will give you good results in those areas.

you could switch in clean grip low pulls if you wanted to as they overload the hips/chain more.


Thanks yeah I’ll definatly try that. With the deadlift cycle outlined out before, could you do that over a 7 day period (doing days 1 and 2 together then a days break between 3 and 4?) or is it best kept for a 10 day cycle?


i’m in no position to say whats best, but personally, i put a lot of faith in pretty much anything CT says.

so, for example, i would do the plan exactly as he outlined it… after a trial period (few weeks maybe) you can make slight adjustments to suit your ability/goals. for example you might need an extra day recovery etc and you can program it in.

at the end of the day, stick to the 10 day cycle. 10 days is too short to make you completely burn out, but you will get a feel for how long you could keep up that style of training and whether or not you need additional recovery days as mentioned.

good luck with it, i know people that made great progress on that deadlift cycle :slight_smile:


Cheers for the advice.