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Posterior Anke Spur. Help BBB!!!!


Hi BBB and friends.
As you know im in the process of a comeback. Last night I played 5-a-side footballl for over an hour, and now(an hour after) the back of my heel is irritated/sore/inflammed.

Some history; about 2 years ago I had surgery on the same foot to remove a anterior ankle spur, at the same time the X rays shoed a small posterior spur, although at the time that was asympotomatic.

My question is; what exercises/treatment an I do to help?? I have already started myofascial release of the bottom of my feet, where intrestingly enough I feel more release/hot spots on the other foot.
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Also I would like to add that 24-36 hours later the pain/inflammation has completely gone. I have noticed that the flexibility of my left calf(the foot with the sore ankle) is much less than the right.

Interestingly, when foam rolling I have noticed a stubborn knot/tight spot in the left calf, which is about the size of a brazilian nut, and is difficult to myofascial releae due to its hardness/tightness.

Someone please help?
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I think its a knot in the left calf. Very stubborn, hard to find the exact spot to release if you know what I mean.
Also I should add, I usually kick with my right foot, hence the left foot is on the ground, and hence its stabalising mucles are worked hard. And occasionally is victim to sliding tackles(poor birdy).
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Ive been working hard on my squatting flexibility for the past 4 months. I cant do a 3rd world squat yet, but Im getting very close to it. I foam roll and do mobilty stuff 4-5 times per week.

This morning for example, getting out of bed, I notice Im walking with a limp due to decreased flexibilty of my left ankle. When stretching I feel a stretch all the way up from my ankle and up through my calf, laterally and medially.
My ankle surgeon did mention I would probally suffer from some tightness in the monings. I would like to be pro-active about it and reduce it as much as I can. Is shock wave therapy any use?

On a positive note, when girls ask me why I walk with a limp, I tell them Im a gangsta.
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Hey BBB.
I was thinking... maybe I should try one of those night splint things? Do you know much about these?

And does anyone reading this know of a really good masseur in Perth, Western Australia? I have tried a few different sport masseurs, and most of them are very hesitant to really dig deep and release my knots which I ask them to do.
I really need someone to release my left calf muscle and make me cry like a girl.
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Thanks Mr BBB.
I already have a PVC pipe I use for rolling, but I have never ued it in the way you suggested. Ill try that today. I often use a softball to release the calves aswell, but as I said the knot in the left is very stubborn and small that it can be hard to find the spot and then apply enough pressure on it for me to feel anything.
Would you recommend a night splint? When would be the best time to static strect the calf, and when not to?
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Hey BBB.
Do you know anything about the Strassburg sock? I think im going to go ahead and order one.
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