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Poster/Print Thread...

Redecorating the apartment, looking for ideas… I’ll get it started…

Black and white, classy, yet very sexy… Completely overdone though…

Sinatra, always a classic…

Thinking about getting this one…

[quote]threewhitelights wrote:
Sinatra, always a classic…[/quote]

Tru dat. I just got one of these for my place:

I also have a few James Bond movie posters. Something that is cool yet classy.

“Why am I not in bed, like everyone else, dead to the world? Why do I do this, live with the constant pain, the suffering, the sacrifice? Why? Because I can. Because pain tells me I’m awake. Reminds me I’m alive. Who am I? I am the wrecker of steel. I am the crusher of mediocrity. I am the face of destiny. I am Animal…”

It starts here. But this is just one journey among many… There is no end. There never is.

“I begin tomorrow. Eighteen weeks in this dark hole. 126 days of pain. 3024 hours of hunger and desire. I’m already counting the minutes, the seconds. When it’s over, I’ll step into the light. I will shine…”

Until then, you’ll live in the shadow, in the darkness, in a place few will ever see… Where ugliness becomes beautiful.

“This place, this darkness… There’s no better place to be. This is where the real work gets done. So if you’re with me, get that time card and punch in, cuz it’s gonna be a long, sweet ride. Be prepared to get your hands dirty. Listen… Hear that silence? Tomorrow it’s gonna rock 'n roll. So let’s get the show on the road. Let’s throw some iron into the fire…”

I’m fond of the artist Coop’s work.




Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by Helnwein. As many times as I’ve moved in my life, it’s the only piece of art that’s been in every move with me…

If you have any neices or nephews, or basically any young relatives…get some of their drawings/colorings/etc…put them in frames and hang them up…it’s cheap, the kids’ll think you’re cool and the women in your life will melt.

You can never go wrong with The Godfather.

I am a fan of Western prints, in particular ones featuring the Lakota tribes. I am hoping to purchase this one in the near future. It is called, “Watching the Wagons” by Frank McCarthy.