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Poster of the Week: 9/29

This week’s Poster of the Week is…

(drum roll)


Though still fairly new to T-Nation, dollarbill44’s been putting up some mighty impressive posts! We’ll be mailing dollarbill44 his choice of chocolate or vanilla <a href="http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459253"target=“new”>Classic GROW!

Stay tuned, because next Wednesday we’ll be picking another winner!

What can I say? It’s better to be lucky than good. I think it was my post of “I like boobs in the face” reply to the thread on strip clubs that put me over the top. Either that or it was a slow week on the site. Regardless, I am starting to see the bottom of my bottle of Grow! so this couldn’t have come at a better time. I applaud everyone related to this site (writers, staff, editors, members, etc) for the best damn site on the internet, bar none. T-Nation Rules!


Congratulations, there, dollarbill44, and welcome to “The Club.” (grin)

And I’d bet you the tub o’ Grow! you won that it wasn’t the stip club post that put you over the top. Methinks it’s probably all those helpful posts to newbies and members alike you’ve been throwing up on the board.

Enjoy your Grow!!!

Nice Job!

Congratulations! And welcome to the site. It’s always good to see “new blood” jump in with both feet and make a splash.


Hey, good job!

Good job.

Great posts, as well. Keep it up.

Nice job, dollarbill44. Congrats, and enjoy the Grow!

I haven’t read your post on the strip clubs, but you can bet I will now!

Good job!

My only hope is that eventually they’ll give stuff for longevity:

Poster of the Week 9/29/2029 - MikeTheBear

Mike started posting back when TC was still around. (TC is now at Sunny Hills Retirement Home and, despite needing the aid of a walker to get around, still manages to show his penis to everyone he can. The nursing staff have become used to TC’s exhibitionist tendencies and nicknamed his penis Mr. Wrinkley.)

Mike hasn’t posted one damn useful thing since he’s been here, but the fact that he’s kept trying for 25 years earns him some free Grow3000, now fortified with plutonium.

CONGRATS and another Great choice T-Nation!!!

Gotta add I like BOOBs too. :slight_smile: LOL
Never wrote about bbos on here kinda nice. lol

Anyway, I as well, think it was all the solid, well thought out, and LENGHTY post you have put up this week. Great work, keep it up.

Congrats again and a belated welcome to T-Nation. Kick off your shoes and stay a while.