Poster of the Week: 3/5

The winner this week is Avoid Roids! Thanks for being our favorite cantankerous ol’ coot (a smart, helpful and funny one, of course!)

This week’s prize is two bottles of <a href=""target=“new”>RED-KAT and a RK T-shirt. We suggest all honorable women avoid the state of Connecticut completely until he runs out.

Next Friday we’ll pick a new Poster of the Week, so be positive, be helpful and be cool, and maybe you’ll walk away with free gear like Avoid Roids!!

Congratulations Avoids!

Good thing the prize wasn’t Mag10 huh?

Congrats Avoids! We can always count on you to toss some sharp witted humor and common sense into any discussion. Well deserved!

Congrats old fellow! Limp out to the mailbox and choke down some of that Mag 10 you will start to feel better in no time! hahah.

Obviously T-Mag has gone totally to hell or there has been a dearth of even simple-minded posters this week! However, since I am leaving for a vacation in Tortola this weekend, it will be fun to try out the Red Kat so, with cowboy hat in hand, I thank you. If it is anything like Tribex, look out Mrs. Roids! :slight_smile:

And who wrote that ‘cantankerous old coot’ stuff? Was it you Shugart? I hereby officially challenge you to a pictorial pose down right here, in front of the whole world, on my 60th birthday…June 7, 2005 (60 years and 1 day after D-Day!) That is, if they haven’t fired your pimply butt by then or if I haven’t been assassinated by some left wing pervert, which gets more likely every day.

Until then you had best train hard, eat big, sleep deep and give up sex.

the steroid forum is getting some props here lately. although he avoids them, he knows more about aas than most of the geeks we get around here. congratulations.

Congrats man you’ll love the gear - the T-shirt is awesome!


Another solid choice guys.


Avoids - My pappy told me never to make a wager with a man who deals with horses.

He also told me never to marry a woman who has a tattoo and never trust your hair to a straight male sylist. “Go gay or go away,” he said.

He was a strange man.

That’s strange Shugs…My father told me that I could always trust a man who owned horses.

…'course he also said that I should marry a girl with big tits and that if I let “Carl” at the barbershop look at me the way he does, I’d always get 15% off.

Fathers, go figure.

Well earned Avoids…your cantankerousity is reminiscent of a well-aged Vic Tayback, I can hear you yelling “Pickup” from here.

“Flo: (a police officer is questioning Mel)
Mel: What about my customers?
Officer: Uhh… what customers?
Mel: Well, I guess they left.
Flo: Yeah, a lot of them go out for lunch.”

~ Alice

Cool, cool, cool!!! Major, serious congrats, there, Avoids Roids. Your contributions and cantankerosity are appreciated by newbies and oldies (like me) alike. (grin)