Poster of the Week: 3/18

Last week we got so busy we just plain forgot to choose a Poster of the Week, so this week we’ll do it early.

The Poster of the Week is (simulated drum roll please)… big martin!

This week’s prize is two bottles of <a href=“Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION”>Surge and a very, very large T-Nation tribal logo T-shirt.

Next week we’ll pick a new winner, so be helpful and be cool and maybe you’ll walk away with some free schwagola.

All right!!! Way to go, Big M!!!

Let’s see helpful, smart and strong as a sonofagun?!?!?!

Cool! Congratulations, there. Hope you enjoy your Surge. It’s my favoite supp!

I was wondering how long it would take for Big M to get his, CONGRATS!!! Much deserved.

Thanks for all the helpfull info. on a consistant basis.


Congratulations big martin! Well deserved.

At last! Definitely the most encouraging helpful ‘big’ lifter when it comes to anything Westside related. Personally helped me alot and many countless others. But you should give him HOT-ROX too for his diet : )

Definitely deserves it. He’s helped me out tons.

That’s a great choice. He is so helpful to so many people.

This is weird: while I was waiting for the page to load, I said " I bet its Big Martin -he helped me out w/ my lactic acid question and was so cool about it."

Good for you!

wow i am truly honored thanks a ton…the truth is i enjoy helping people so much… its my favorite part of the day checking the forum each day…thanks guys …bm

About time!

He’s definitely one of thee most deserving members on this board.

congrats to you bro! more powders for the menu!

And it’s good to see a solid contributor of the Powerlifting & Strength Sports Forum finally getting recognized.

And, hey, Biotest, if he’s even interested in cutting, I second that Hot Rox request for Big Martin!!! (grin)

Congrats Martin, it’s well deserved!


That is why this award is so deserving, that care really comes through. CONGRATS!! once again.

Well done to the big boy of westside!!

Well done Big martin, you totally deserve it.

Way to go BM you deserve it

I was about to nominate both big martin and Phill for this award. big martin has been really helpful to all the people who have been asking about westside training.


I am sorry, but THIS is the “poster” of the YEAR