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Poster of the Week: 2/27

The winner this week is Prisoner #22! Thanks for making the forum a great place to hang out and learn.

This week’s prize is two bottles of <a href="http://www.red-kat.com"target=“new”>RED-KAT and a <a href="http://www.red-kat.com"target=“new”>RED-KAT T-shirt!

Next Friday we’ll pick a new winner, so be positive, be helpful and be cool, and maybe you’ll walk away with some free swag like Prisoner #22!

That is WAY cool! Congratulations P22!

Just in time for your competition P22. Good luck!

Nice! I’ve only read a couple of his posts so far (not a complete frequenter of the steroid forums), but he gives out some incredible info!

Yeah he does. Really is very knowledgeable and seems to love to help others with it. Way to go prisoner22!

Way to go P-22, you deserve it!


sweeeeeeeeeeet! he deserves it. and if you havent yet, take a look at his pics on the steroid forum. one of the best physiques on this site.

Well done P22 most deserved. And well done to T-mag, but wouldn’t Mag10 been more appropiate?

Thanks alot. With all the incredible smart and knowledgeable people on this forum I never expected this! -I always assumed that the contest was just for the Training and Nutrition forum - and there are so many members on this forum, with such a wealth of information and experience, that I find I never have anything to add here! I would also like to thank all my bros on the steroid board who I have learned so much from: drago1, Spookaroo, MassNutrion, Warhorse, Squatty, P-dog, JT, Creed, Tito, Ru, E-machine, and the rest of you all - you guys sre like make this board what it is! Finally I would like to say that there is many other boards out there, but T-forums is the place to be!

Anyway the Red Kat was exactly what I would have chosen anyway because it isn’t on the shelves in Canada, and I was planning on getting some for my offseason - after my competitions are done. So once again thx! P-22

Congratulations P-22. You’re posts are always informative.

Grats bro. Glad to see someone from the darkside get some acknowledgement.


Great job P22! Your advice is always spot on and easy to understand.

Great choice, congrats P22

congrats bro, well deserved.

Congrats bro.

congrats p-22 enjoy and good luck with your comp.

Hell, I would have given it to him when he told us about the ventro gluteal site! One of these days, maybe, who knows. P-22, definately deserves this.

YEAH-that ventogluteal site literally saves my ass!