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Poster of the Week: 2/20


The winner this week is davo2! Thanks for helping others out, treating the newbies with respect and making the forum a cool place to learn stuff.

This week's prize is a MAG-10 Anabolic Super-Stack and a T-Nation T-shirt!

We'll do it again next Friday with a new winner and all new swag!


Way to go davo! Much deserved!




Good stuff buddy!


Wow. Never expected this! Thanks T-mag and Biotest! I've always thought you were the best, but this is the cherry on top. No one else does things like this, no mag and no supplement company! You guys and the people on this forum rule!


Nice prize. Davo just added 15 pounds to his max bench.


Congrats davo2!


does the roid forum factor into this equation?

nobody and i mean nobody gives out more sound advice than prisoner-22!


Way to go Davo2


Got to second P-dog there. P22 is consistently and systematically excellent. Week in week out, he is the oracle.


congrats davo

now go add another 15lbs to that bench with the Mag 10



Yeah check the steroid forum out everyone once in a while p22 is a beast with his info.


I want to bump also for P22. He is extremely knowledgeable & helpful to everyone on the steroid forum!