Poster of the week: 12/15

There are so many great participants on the forums here at T-Nation, that it’s getting tougher and tougher each week to select the best as our “Poster of the Week.”

This week we voted from all the candidates, and we selected w2097.
To show our appreciation, we’re sending you a tub of <a href=“;jsessionid=9B5C6241A8BFE3641323C2CA13CFA57B.ba13?id=459253"target="new”>Classic GROW!

To all the others, keep up the great work and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner next week!

Congrats w2097!

T-Nation chose well, good job.

Holly sh, what did I do?

Hey, guys, wait a second, I’m not in NY now, I’m in Colorado! Let me update my profile.

Welcome to the PotW ranks! (so…what IS that avatar supposed to be?)

Hey, yeah!!! Way to go, w2097!

Good call by the T-Nation staff. I’ve been enjoying your posts for a while, now.

Enjoy that Grow!!!

Way to go W20… does the icon represent cycling?

Thanks T-brothers :slight_smile:

The avatar is a powerup from a videogame Wipeout XL 2097(PSX/PC). I used to enjoy the damn thing and so decided to have my name after it. It just bores me to make up log-ins for whereever I register so I go with any abbreviation that pops up in my head.

Wanna know what I’m gonna do with the prize? Just what the label says - GROW!


Congrats!!! on the deserved recognition.

Great post and great choice once again T-Nation.