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Poster Of The Week 11/24

For our Poster of the Week, we’ve selected hfrogs00. To show our appreciation for all of your helpful contributions to the forums, we’re sending you a tub of <a href="http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;jsessionid=9B5C6241A8BFE3641323C2CA13CFA57B.ba13?id=459253"target=“new”>Classic GROW!

Thanks from the T-Nation staff. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the Grow!

Wow, thanks guys. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.

hfrogs00- strange name but great posts! Congrats on being this week’s POW.

Congrats hfrogs, it’s taking the time to put together detailed and helpful posts that makes this place the great community that it is!

CONGRATS!!! and great work. Also back at you with a “Happy Turkey Day.”

[quote]hfrogs00 wrote:
Wow, thanks guys. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.[/quote]


Nice job, you “hopped” to the challenge of writing the best post! (He he Happy T day)